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Monday, February 18, 2008

Ebates.com $10 Double Signup Bonus Offer Returns

Ebates.com has brought back their $10 double referral bonus through March 31st.

Here's how to get your $10 bonus (and I will also get a $10 bonus) on your first purchase through Ebates:

  1. Click on the link below to sign up for an Ebates account:

    Ebates Double Bonus Referral Link

  2. Make your first purchase through Ebates by March 31st and earn the cash back offered by that vendor (like 2% off a Dell PC) plus your $10 bonus.
  3. Ebates will mail you a Big Fat Check on a quarterly basis as long as your account balance is greater than $5.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 2008 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on February 12th, 2008:

Asset January 2008 February 2008 Change
Checking 509 734 225
Money Market 37,629 20,805 -16,824
Savings Bonds 4,653 4,669 16
Treasury Bills 0 0 0
CDs 97,921 98,364 443
Brokerage 109,325 97,491 -11,834
401k 103,553 95,491 -8,062
Roth IRA 33,012 31,223 -1,789
SEP IRA 175,481 171,304 -4,177
529 Savings 37,020 36,240 -780
Credit Card 0% Balance Transfers -18,075 0 18,075
Total Assets $581,028 $556,321 -$24,707 (-4.25%)

The market correction has continued since my last update, with the S&P 500 index falling by another 5.03% during that time:

(chart courtesy of msn.com)

And so it continues... Recession fears have led to an additional 1.25% worth of FOMC rate cuts and a 170 billion dollar economic stimulus package. I'm still staying the course with my savings and investments, and will finish funding my 2007 SEP IRA contributions before I file my S-Corp taxes (due March 18th). Another notable money move since my last update was paying off my 0% credit card balance since the promotional rate was about to expire.
With interest rates for savings accounts falling along with FOMC rate cuts, it would seem that my timing was pretty good since I got out before my return on that cash fell below 4%.