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Friday, June 11, 2010

June 2010 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on June 10th, 2010:

Asset May 2010 Jun 2010 Change
Checking 602 108 -494
Money Market 35,524 36,009 485
Savings Bonds 36,033 36,057 24
Treasury Bills 0 0 0
CDs 115,150 115,569 419
Brokerage 86,060 79,640 -6,420
401k 86,016 82,137 -3,879
Roth IRA 40,311 38,494 -1,817
SEP IRA 200,206 200,817 611
529 Savings 44,186 43,117 -1,069
Total Assets $644,088 $631,948 -$12,140

The S&P 500 has continued to slump, with the index falling 5.97% since the last update:

(chart courtesy of msn.com)

The US had inflated job growth in May (attributed to hiring of census workers) and as a result the unemployment rate declined to 9.7%. To go along with that, jobless claims decreased as unemployment benefits expired for many. Oil prices have somehow remained around $74 per barrel despite the BP oil spill that seems to be getting worse and worse as more information reaches the public.

It looks like we're about ready to finish dealing with the fallout of the flooding we had on our property in late March. I've finished tidying up our sump pump installation and we have a contractor due to start work next week tearing up our sink holes with a backhoe, removing the buried stumps and construction debris causing the issue, and filling it all back in with a few dump trucks full of sand and soil. Our yard will likely look like a disaster area for a while, but I'm looking forward to getting the project completed. At that point, I can look forward to the painting and installing of fancy dining room molding that Mrs. Frugalson has in mind. :)

Moneywise, I'm pretty much watching cash going out the door as we spend some cash on home improvement and repair projects these days. I did make a good dent in my 2009 SEP IRA contribution, so I at least made some progress with savings this month..