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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

August 2021 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on August 10th, 2021:

Asset Jul 2021 Aug 2021 Change

Checking 3,798 4,775 977
Money Market 139,303 121,699 -17,604
Savings Bonds 191,019 191,369 350
Treasury Bills 0 0 0
CDs 31,701 31,794 93
Brokerage 276,066 286,450 10,384
401k 398,370 403,577 5,207
Roth IRA 250,073 251,319 1,246
SEP IRA 1,152,921 1,160,677 7,756
529 Savings 181,422 181,892 470
Total Assets $2,624,673 $2,633,552 $8,879

The S&P 500 continues to hit all-time highs, rising 1.19% (18.12% YTD) since the last update:

(chart courtesy of nasdaq.com)

On the jobs front, the unemployment rate for July fell to 5.4%, with a strong 943,000 jobs added. Oil prices reversed course and fell to the $68 level, which translates to a local regular unleaded gasoline price of $2.95 at my last fill-up.

On the financial front, my assets have once again hit an all-time high, surpassing the previous high from July 2021. I didn't have any significant money moves over the past month, but will likely take an additional distribution from my S Corp sometime in August.

Despite the COVID-19 delta variant stressing hospital ICU bed availability in US hot spots, we actually had a somewhat "normal" family vacation at our New England cabin rental. We were cautious and had a nice time, but there seemed to be very little mask usage and social distancing among our fellow vacationers as the latest COVID wave continues to spread. School starts next month, which adds another variable to the mix as unvaccinated children start spending time together in close quarters. I also had to cut some large checks for house painting and college tuition, but fortunately we have planned for those expenses.