Picking up Nickels

Friday, March 11, 2022

March 2022 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on March 10th, 2022:

Asset Feb 2022 Mar 2022 Change

Checking 2,888 2,455 -433
Money Market 137,723 121,912 -15,811
Savings Bonds 204,914 205,736 822
Treasury Bills 0 0 0
CDs 42,363 42,456 93
Brokerage 277,978 261,745 -16,233
401k 420,295 395,030 -25,265
Roth IRA 247,752 239,723 -8,029
SEP IRA 1,131,699 1,109,543 -22,156
529 Savings 172,985 171,546 -1,439
Total Assets $2,638,597 $2,550,146 -$88,451

The S&P 500 has continued to decline, falling 5.43% (-10.63% YTD) since the last update. The cost that Russia's invasion of Ukraine will have on human lives, inflation, energy markets, the supply chain crisis, and the global recovery from COVID-19 will be massive:

(chart courtesy of nasdaq.com)

On the jobs front, the unemployment rate for February fell to 3.8%, with a strong 678,000 jobs added. Oil prices continued to surge to the $107 level (from $91), which translates to a local regular unleaded gasoline price of $4.09 at my last fill-up. Home heating oil prices have also spiked, with local costs around $5 per gallon as compared to the $3.65 I paid two short weeks ago.

On the financial front, I did the usual 401k transactions, a Vanguard VTI brokerage purchase, as well as a distribution from my S Corp. I also made my final 2021 solo 401k contribution as well as 2021 Roth IRA contributions for Mrs. Frugalson and myself now that my 2021 S Corp tax returns are done and our MAGI can be computed.

As for the non-financial, I'm trying to put life here in the USA in perspective as the atrocities in Ukraine play out on local and national TV every evening. The weather is starting to get warmer, the COVID-19 numbers are looking much better, and my friends and family are continuing to hang in there and look forward to tomorrow. I wish everyone could be as fortunate as we are.