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Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 2007 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on January 10th, 2007:

Asset Dec 2006 Jan 2007 Change
Checking 366 514 148
Money Market 25,462 28,184 2,722
Savings Bonds 11,972 4,461 -7,511
Treasury Bills 20,000 7,000 -13,000
CDs 40,380 56,629 16,249
Brokerage 88,051 88,777 726
401k 94,943 94,408 -535
Roth IRA 26,470 31,172 4,702
SEP IRA 152,935 152,753 -182
529 Savings 30,906 31,420 514
Total Assets $491,485 $495,318 +$3,833 (0.8%)

The strong stock market gains have tapered off a bit over the last month, but I still managed a nice gain over the past month. I finally finished my rotation out of I Bonds, and added that cash along with the proceeds from maturing T-Bills into my HSBC online savings account and 6.25% APY Penfed CDs.

I added a $4,000 contribution for the 2007 tax year to my Roth IRA since my last update, and I still have to fund the final 20% of my 2006 SEP IRA contribution so I will be fully funded before I file my 2006 corporate tax return. I am also planning on funding Mrs. Frugalson's 2007 Roth IRA contribution in Q1 2007.

Finally, the march toward my 6 month financial goal of getting my financial assets over the $500,000 level is really getting close. Even if the stock market stays flat for the next month, I may be able to get there in February if I can make my final 2006 SEP IRA contribution by then!


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