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Monday, December 14, 2009

December 2009 Financial Asset Roundup

Here are my current financial assets as of the market close on December 11th, 2009:

Asset Nov 2009 Dec 2009 Change
Checking 279 10,637 10,358
Money Market 39,035 45,489 6,454
Savings Bonds 20,781 25,865 5,084
Treasury Bills 0 0 0
CDs 120,585 100,520 -20,065
Brokerage 82,599 85,538 2,939
401k 84,709 84,117 -592
Roth IRA 33,705 33,966 261
SEP IRA 191,095 191,917 822
529 Savings 40,525 41,070 545
Total Assets $613,313 $619,119 $5,806

The S&P 500 index continues to touch yearly highs as it has risen 1.22% since the last update:

(chart courtesy of msn.com)

Unfortunately my update was a little delayed this month as I found that my main PC was infected with the Internet Security 2010 virus on Friday. Boy, was getting that cleaned up a PITA! I've been pleased to see the recent stock market gains have hung in there, and even better unemployment actually went down in November from 10.2% to 10%. Crude oil has continued to fall and is back below $70 per barrel on demand concerns.

As for money moves, I had two Bank of America Risk Free CDs (9 months @ 2.10% APY and 9 months @ 2.50% APY) mature since the last update and used some of that cash to buy myself some November 2009 paper I Bonds (I bought electronic ones at treasurydirect.gov in April 2009) as well as fund 2009 Roth IRA contributions for myself and Mrs. Frugalson (hence the large balance temporarily in my checking account). I do have a modest 1 year @ 2.90% APY CD maturing at Patelco Credit Union next month, but will probably just cash it out since their rates have not been competitive for quite some time. At least I can thump my chest about the fact that I've eclipsed my previous peak in financial assets for the third month in a row.

On the business front, I'm in the process of wrapping up 2009 for my S Corp. Ironically, the main thorn in my side right now is migrating to the new QUEST web site being deployed by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). Hopefully I'll get that situation resolved soon and will make a few final business purchases before December 31st. Once we hit 2010 I can focus on fully funding my 2009 SEP IRA contributions before tax time.

Other than that, I'm trying to finish up things like Christmas-related preparations and 2009 charitable contributions. I'll be relieved when that's all done and hope that 2010 will work out as well as 2009 has.


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