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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Alliant Credit Union: $10 new member bonus, $50 high rate checking bonus, and $100 auto loan bonus through 12/31/13

Although I've known of Alliant Credit Union for several years now, I never found a compelling reason to join until I was interested in the very competitive 1.49% APR auto loan rate they were offering when I bought my new car. My experience with Alliant has been excellent so far and I wanted to share some of the new member/new account bonus offers that they are offering through the end of 2013. Alliant sports a pretty comprehensive path to membership eligibility, with a $10 tax-deductible donation to Foster Care to Success being the route I took. Please note that even if you join via a $10 donation, Alliant provides all new members with a complimentary $5 deposit to your savings account to offset that cost a bit.

As for the new bonuses, first up is a $10 referral bonus that new customers receive when they join Alliant through an email link from an existing member. Here's how it works:

To qualify for your $10 bonus (I also will get a $10 bonus), click on one of the links below to join Alliant Credit Union:

Alliant Credit Union referral link #1
Alliant Credit Union referral link #2

Once you join Alliant, you are eligible for two additional bonus offers:

  1. Open a Free High Rate Checking Account and receive a $50 Bonus
  2. Take out an Alliant Auto Loan (purchase or refinance) and receive a $100 Bonus

All offers are valid through 12/31/2013.



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