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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Big Spender: A Financial Intervention

I've started watching an entertaining new show on the A&E Television Network called Big Spender.

I must admit that I find shows that document people's financial mismanagement to be a guilty pleasure of mine. How could you not be tempted to watch these financial train wrecks with episode descriptions like this:

"Anna and Frank are shopping away their dreams. Regularly spending more than double what they earn every month and one month behind on their mortgage, the couple has decided to forgo another mortgage payment to take their family on vacation. With the finances chipping away at their marriage and their dream home they just purchased in jeopardy of foreclosure, Anna and Frank are in desperate need of an intervention. Larry Winget hosts."

The show targets people whose personal finances are completely out of control and subjects them to a financial intervention led by the show's host, author and motivational speaker Larry Winget. A dead ringer for Randy Quaid's evil twin brother, Winget bluntly tells these people exactly what they need to hear to get their finances under control. I think it's refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is.

Big Spender is on the A&E Television Network, Sunday at 5:30 EST. Episodes are 30 minutes long, but I wouldn't mind seeing that expanded to one hour so that more financial details could be shared with the viewer. Even so, I recommend setting your TiVo to record this show and give it a shot. I know I will be watching...


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