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Thursday, August 31, 2006

World Savings: 6.01% APY for 15-Month Internet CD

As I mentioned yesterday (Capital One cuts Money Market rate, will others follow?), I had been keeping an eye on the 5.91% APY 13-month internet CD offered by World Savings. I went to check out their web site today, and the previous deal had been replaced with a 6.01% APY 15-month internet CD.

I found that hard to pass up, so I gave World Savings a call and was connected with a CSR almost instantly (a good sign). Applying for the CD was easy, but for some reason you have to mail them a check to fund the account. I figure that my check won't arrive until sometime next week due to the bank holiday, but the CSR stated that would be no problem since this rate is locked in for 10 days after you apply.

It's a good deal, now I just need to keep on top of the interest rate situation when my CD matures in 15 months.


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