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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Grocery Deal: How I made money buying 18 Del Monte products

Here are my results for the Del Monte deal I posted about last week.

I ended up buying sixteen cans of College Inn broth for $8 (50ยข each), one can of Del Monte tomatoes for $1, and one can of Del Monte peaches for $1. My 9/24/06 Valassis coupon booklet had some pretty lousy coupons for this deal, and I was only able to get my hands on one coupon for $1 off 6 cans of College Inn broth:

Item Cost
18 Del Monte Products $10.00
$5 Checkout coupon -$5.00
(1) $1/6 Coupon -$1.00
$10 Mail in rebate -$10.00
Postage $0.39
Final Profit $5.61

The final result was that I was paid $5.61 to buy eighteen cans of Del Monte products. If I had bought them at the regular price, I would have paid $15.02 for the same eighteen items.


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