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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oracle (ORCL): Party like it's 2001

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) shares have surged today based on a stronger than expected earnings announcement yesterday (Oracle Shares Surge 13% As Results Exceed Expectations). In intraday trading, ORCL is currently at its highest price levels since 2001 (above chart courtesy of nasdaq.com).

This jump was particularly good news for me since I have been holding a position in ORCL that I started building in 1995. I have been watching this stock flounder for the past few years as it has traded at a fraction of its 2000 high.

Since the favorable capital gains tax cuts have been put into place, I have been considering selling my position in ORCL. A large tax hit will still be waiting for me though, since my split-adjusted cost per share is $2.77. A phone call to my CPA is probably in order as I continue to consider cashing in my chips. I would love to see ORCL hit $25, since that would break through a psychological sell level that I seem to have. Go, Oracle go!


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