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Monday, January 15, 2007

Mild winter fallout: snow blower clearance in January

I did some shopping at Lowe's and Home Depot this weekend and was surprised at what I saw near the 75% off Christmas accessories clearance area: a snow blower clearance sale in January!

My local Lowe's had a good selection of snow blowers in stock, with all units marked down 20%. Similarly, a nearby Home Depot had all snow blowers marked down 10%. Although I remember seeing a 33% off snow blower clearance sale last year at that Home Depot, it occurred much later in the winter season. I was disappointed that I didn't end up picking up a discounted snow blower last year, but it appears that I might be able to score a similar deal again this year.

After some initial research, I've narrowed my purchase down to two choices:

I am leaning toward the Ariens unit due to its longer warranty (three years instead of two for the Husqvarna) and the reputation of the Ariens brand equipment among the enthusiasts at the iVillage GardenWeb Forums.

I have a 10% Home Depot coupon that I could use to bring the price of the Ariens unit down to $809.10 (before tax), but I am hoping that Home Depot will continue to discount their snow removal equipment if the mild winter continues. If Lowe's and The Home Depot don't sweeten the pot a bit, I will be content to continue clearing my driveway with the undersized snow plow on my lawn tractor. In the worst case, I figure that I can hold out long enough for my children to take over all of my snow removal duties in a few years. :)


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