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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog alive four years and counting!

In some ways, it seems like a million years ago since I first posted here on August 10th, 2006. During those four years we've seen the bust of the housing bubble, a near collapse of financial markets, and the "Great Recession" that we're currently working our way through.

My activity here during that time has become somewhat (ahem) less prolific, as I've been involved with work and family and the current state of the economy has resulted in far fewer nice financial deals to get excited about. That being said, while my finances are somewhat on autopilot, I do like to document my thoughts and progress here while occasionally sharing my experiences with various topics that I hope others may find useful.

For example, the project du jour at the Frugalson household is a redo of our dining room by adding some chair rail moulding, picture frame moulding, and some paint. It is a relatively inexpensive project (~$200 for materials) that may sound simple enough, but since it's pretty labor intensive my quadriceps are still sore from all of the squatting I did on Sunday installing the chair rail and a few picture frames. :) While it's lacking some final filling, sanding, and paint, we're looking pretty good so far with about 120 more feet of picture frame moulding to install:

So thank you for stopping by and coming along for the ride. Here's to another good year!



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