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Friday, September 03, 2010

Duke of (Hurricane) Earl

Hurricane Earl is approaching and we have the misfortune of being in an area with a Tropical Storm Warning. We've battened down the hatches, filled up the cars at the gas station, have food and water on hand, and have the cellphones and flashlights charged and ready to go. I'm sure we'll think of a few more last minute things to wrap up before the heavy winds that are forecasted to arrive between 5-6 PM start to howl:

(map courtesy of National Weather Service)

The kids will be home early from school soon and the wind is still calm for now, but the tropical rain is hammering down on us already. My biggest hope is that this storm won't be as serious as Hurricane Bob in 1991, when we had widespread downed trees and no power for a week. The last thing we need is a lousy bookend to the flooded yard and basement we had in the spring. ;)


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