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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cartoon: The Power of Index Funds

irony.com has a clever cartoon touting the benefits of index funds:

While talking heads like Andrew Feinberg of Kiplinger's brag about how he and his brother "beat the dickens out of the market" and a financial advisor tells me how "easy" it is to beat the S&P 500, I still say that low cost index funds are the best choice for most individual investors.


  • Agreed. You get so much peace of mind when you are in index funds. Don't have to worry about what FOMC does in the next meeting, whether Google is going to take over the world, or oil price goes up or down, .....

    By Blogger TFB, at 11/1/06, 2:25 AM  

  • The cartoon is great. There is also lots of data supporting the folly of stock picking and market timing. Your readers might want to have a look at several pieces that are out in the last week or so. I put links on my blog in the post dated 11-1-2006. Sorry. Don't mean it to be a blatant plug but the links are too big to paste in here.

    By Anonymous Kim Snider, at 11/1/06, 9:28 PM  

  • Haha that's cool. I wish I caught this post before I posted my index fund article today.

    By Anonymous Binary Dollar, at 11/2/06, 10:21 AM  

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