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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is the job market as strong as the President claims?

With the November elections coming up, President Bush seems to be on TV quite a bit lately touting the strength of the economy. While he indicates a strong job market due to the shrinking unemployment rate, naysayers claim that he is ignoring falling job creation numbers.

As an IT consultant, I have been seeing a pretty good supply of contract jobs available lately, although pay rates are still below their year 2000 levels. While I am making less money than I did six years ago, my skills and experience have continued to make me very marketable.

At the other extreme, I have a former colleague who has joined the invisible unemployed as he was laid off early in 2006 and is still struggling to find work. Since his skills and references are quite good, I have to wonder if a slowing job market or age discrimination is contributing to his job search woes.

So, what is it like finding work in the job market today?


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