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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New England AAA members: get a car checkup for one dollar

October is AAA Car Care Month, and AAA Southern New England members can get their car inspected at an Approved Auto Repair facility for one dollar. A quick google search shows that AAA branches all over the country are offering cheap or free Car Care Month maintenance inspections that might be worth looking into.

I also received a separate mailing from a local car dealer (an AAA Approved facility) that is offering a no cost 100 Point Courtesy Check-Up during the month of October. I am assuming that this offer is similar to the $1 checkup that AAA is offering.

According to the dealer mailing:
Bring your Nissan to our dealership and, in one quick visit, your vehicle will receive a complimentary, 100 Point visual inspection. Factory-trained technicians will thoroughly examine everything from tires to brakes, from exhaust to electrical, and present you with a written diagnostic repost at no cost or obligation to you. With a superior understanding of your vehicle, you can drive confidently knowing your Nissan is operating at its full potential.

Although I am no fan of car dealers, I may take my local Nissan dealer up on their free inspection offer. I know that I was relieved a few years ago when the dealer spotted a gash on the inner wall of my tire that was not visible until the tire was removed from the car. Even though they wouldn't make any money on its replacement, they recommended that I have it replaced by the tire shop where I bought it as soon as possible.


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