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Friday, January 26, 2007

Did you know Comcast HSI has an "Economy" tier for $24.95/month?

I recently received my "annual price hike" statement from Comcast, and noticed that Comcast High-Speed Internet now offers an Economy tier @ $24.95/month for Digital Voice and Cable TV customers ($39.95/month for others). While the downstream bandwidth is a bit limited (384Kbps up/384Kbps down), it is a feasible low cost broadband internet option for people who are currently using dialup internet access.

My parents are a great candidate for the Comcast HSI Economy tier, since DSL service is not available in their area and they refuse to pay Comcast $42.95/month for their next highest tier. I'll definitely be giving mom and dad the hard sell to take the plunge since it will be a pleasure to actually be able to call them without getting a busy signal for hours at a time.

I also may try to sweeten this deal by getting them to purchase a Comcast cable modem self-install kit at retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City, since they frequently offer it for free after rebate when you activate High-Speed Internet through them. A nice bonus would have been the $75/$100 rebate and free month of service that Dell used to offer when ordering High Speed Internet Access through a link on their web site, but it looks like that deal has dried up.


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