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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home Depot sweetens winter clearance discounts

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my surprise that the mild winter in the Northeast encouraged Home Depot and Lowe's to cut snow blower prices by 10% and %20, respectively in early January. I was happy to see that Home Depot upped the ante this week by matching the 20% discount offered by Lowe's.

That brings the clearance price of the Ariens 926LE I've had my eye on $799, which would work out to $719.10 before tax with the 10% off Home Depot coupon that I have been hanging on to. That's a pretty good discount, but I'm wondering if a benign mother nature will continue to encourage additional discounting.

Since we haven't hit February yet, I am going to hold out at least a week or two with the hope that Home Depot will up the discount to the 33% off they offered last year. I have also heard rumors of a 50% off sale last year, but I'm guessing that the selection gets a bit limited at that point.


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