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Thursday, March 15, 2007

TiVo reverses course and releases DST update for its oldest customers

Last week I complained about how TiVo decided to hang long-time customers like me out to dry by not providing an update to handle the new Daylight Saving Time rules.

There has been a new development on this issue, where a TiVo software enthusiast came up with his own fix for the problem. TiVo then stepped up to the plate and has released an official fix based on the work of one of their customers.

If you want to get on the priority list for the TiVo Series 1 DST software update, you can sign up on TiVo's web site.

My congratulations go out to TiVo Community forum user jberman for developing the fix, and to TiVo, Inc. for swallowing their pride and doing right by their customers.


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