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Friday, November 10, 2006

Fight cancer with your computer

I have been participating in the United Devices Cancer Research Project for about five years now.

Here's how it works:

To participate, you simply download a very small, no cost, non-invasive software program that works like a screensaver: it runs when your computer isn't being used, and processes research until you need your machine. Your computer never leaves your desk, and the project never interrupts your usual PC use. There is no cost to participate and no impact on your computer use. The project software cannot detect or transfer anything on your machine but project-specific information. It just allows your computer to screen molecules that may be developed into drugs to fight cancer. Each individual computer analyzes a few molecules and then sends the results back over the Internet for further research. This project is anticipated to be the largest computational chemistry project ever undertaken and represents a genuine hope to find a better way to fight cancer.

If you would like to volunteer your idle CPU resources in the fight against cancer, the UD agent software can be downloaded at grid.org.


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