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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Web searches that lead to your blog

One of things that I find fascinating about blogging is seeing what route people take to get to your blog and what topics they are interested in reading about once they get there. Since I don't have a high traffic blog, I find that web searches (monitored with the free tracking tools at StatCounter.com) that pick up my blog to be the most interesting.

The most popular search path to my blog has always been grocery-related searches that lead to my grocery shopping strategy. I've also recently experienced a similar amount of traffic looking for information on the Scotts Turf Builder rebate that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

To a lesser degree, recent data shows people looking for information on:

This is pretty interesting stuff (to me at least) since it gives a blogger some insight into what types of entries drive traffic to their site. Based on recent developments, it would seem that I would be better off renaming this blog to "Picking up Groceries" or "Picking up Scotts Turf Builder". :)



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