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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time to lock in current CD rates (again)?

I'm closing in on the one year anniversary of my 15-month World Savings CD purchase and have been getting a bit skittish about replacing that rung on my CD ladder since a FOMC fed funds interest rate cut over the next month could take a bite out of future CD interest rates.

Even though my World Savings CD is due to mature in December, I decided to open a 5 year E-Loan CD @5.55% APY today, since I've had a good experience with my previous E-Loan CD purchase and they are currently offering one of the best rates for a 5 year CD.

No one really knows if and when the Federal Reserve will cut rates, but I'm trying to learn from the harsh lesson of 2004 when my cash was earning a paltry 2% in a money market account...



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